Live Zoom Call!

Dr. Morse has recently added an amazing course to his online school by Professor Rosanne Calabrese, entitled: Ancient Tools Supporting Modern Detoxification In this course, you will learn how to integrate 3000-year-old traditions with the…

Memorial Day Office Closure

Our office will be closed Monday, May 30th 2022 in observance of the Memorial Day holiday to honor our veterans and remember those we lost in service of our country.

Dr. Morse Live Zoom!

Next week Dr. Morse is going to do another live Zoom Q&A! The link will appear on his official Telegram Channel so make sure you’re following: The last Zoom call lasted over 4 hours! Despite…

A Group Healing with Alchemy Crystal Bowls

Please Note: The following message is being sent as a service to members of Dr. Morse’s Detox Clinic and Store. DRMDCAS is not responsible for the content of this email or course/retreat, but believes it…

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