I am very ill, have very little funds, and am desperate to get healthy. Where should I start?

The first step to getting started is moving to an 80-100% Living Foods Diet! Your body needs the living enzymes in fresh fruits and vegetables in order to start healing itself. Don’t even underestimate the power of a living foods diet!

It can and will work wonders in your life. Then, little by little, add whatever herbal formulas you can afford, according to whatever issues are your greatest priority.

It’s very important to start always with the Ultimate Detox Kit Weeks 1 & 2, as these particular formulas are going to start detoxing the most vitally important areas of your body.

Also, fasting is powerful. A three day fresh grape juice or lemon juice fast will speed up your level of detoxification. If you have the strength and determination, try doing a 100% Living Foods Diet and see the amazing results in your level of detoxification and regeneration. It will amaze you!

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